Method of Ludmila Mojžíšová

(Ludmila Mojžíšová 1932-1992)


Physiotherapeutic method for diagnosis and treatment of various movement problems, originally developed and designed for patients suffering from back pain. It is designed to remove the muscle tension, balancing out the muscle imbalance, especially in the core muscles. Part of the technique is mobilization of the ribs, spine and pelvis.


By clients with back pain, headache (migraine), pain in the leg area, gynecological problems (functional sterility, impotence, painful menstruation), dysfunction of the pelvic floor muscles.


In individual cases

Illustrative photos:

CLkostsynMoj01 fill 150x100CLkostsynMoj02 fill 172x100CLkostsynMoj03 fill 160x100CLkostsynMoj04 fill 146x100CLkostsynMoj05 fill 150x100 

most physiotherapeutic rehabilitation techniques shown here are performed in underwear. Photographs were taken as an illustration, in order to present the method to the clients of FYZIOklinika.

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