Male taboo: exercise your pelvic floor and improve your sex and more…

Exercising in a gym can help you get nice muscles and increase your confidence. The same way you can increase your libido, the difference is that you will exercise the muscles that are not visible.

Kegel exercises are famous thanks to their profitable effect on women after birth, or alternately for helping with sexual problems. Some researches prove that training with these exercises improves control over urinary bladder after prostate operation, improve erectile dysfunction and increase sex appetite by men.

Behind all of this stands californian gynecologist Dr. Arnold Kegel, who created this exercising concept in the late 40’s as a prevention against female incontinence after birth.

It is about exercising the muscles of the pelvic floor by women but also by men. These muscles are located between the pubic bone and tailbone (coccyx). Their function is to support the internal organs and intestines, controlled urination and defecation. And lastly these muscles also secure the sexual function, the weakened flexibility and efficiency with increasing age can cause health problems as well as sexual problems.


Weakened pelvic floor muscles can result for example from a frequent sitting, lack of movement or higher age:

  • Loss of intensive sexual experience
  • Problems with getting erection (by men)
  • Light urinary leakage during sport, laughing and sneezing
  • Vaginal flatulence, expulsion of air from vagine (by women)


  • Women after childbirth
  • Men and women suffering from stress incontinence - during increased abdominal tension (read also article about incontinence)
  • Men after operation of prostate with problem of urine leaking
  • Men and women with hyperactive urinary bladder
  • Men and women with problems to hold the stool
  • Women with sexual function disorders
  • Men suffering from erectile dysfunctions and premature ejaculation (read our article about: Research studying the effectivity of the treatment of Peyronie's disease with focused shockwave therapy)

It is important to remember that the exercises were originally intended for training the pelvic floor muscles by women to treat female problems, therefore by men it is a little bit different. Men with problems mentioned above, can exercise of course, but it is not considered as a standard sexological procedure.


When exercising the kegel exercises it is a little difficult to find the right muscles. Which you could rhythmically clench. These muscles are not visible on the outside, by men it is even more complicated. Help yourself by stopping the stream of urine during urination. That way you activate muscles which stop the transition of urine from urethra and secure urination. Try to realize which muscle are you activating. From the start pick any hour of the day and try to stop the flow of urine, gradually get to urination in the morning when the stream is strongest. Hold the urine for 5-20 seconds and then release. This is the easiest exercise which you can repeat 10-20 times per 3-5 times a day. Other variation is clenching the pelvic floor muscles, so that your testicles should slightly lift up. This way you are not depending on urination and you can repeat the exercise basically anywhere.

In another exercise try to clench your anus. Try to copy the contraction of the anus as if you’re trying to hold the stool, try to hold it for 5-20 seconds, relax and repeat the tension. Change the speed of contractions and the power. Exercise in fast contractions with lower strength intensity, and at the same time with slower and longer lasting contractions with maximum strength. Make sure that along with the pelvic floor muscles you don’t activate the buttocks, thighs or abdominals. Don’t forget to breath regularly, do not hold your breath during the exercise! Keep the rest of the body relaxed.

Advantage of these exercises is that they are very easy, undemanding, and you can exercise anywhere without anyone knowing. You will gain better confidence by training and realization of your own body, and you will also improve the urological and sexual functions.

Author: FYZIOklinika physiotherapy Ltd., Prague, Czech Republic

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