Gym ball - less demanding exercises

Gym ball or also known as Swiss ball is a great exercise tool in rehabilitation, fitness exercising, balance exercising as well as just for sitting.

When choosing the ball, size is important. When you sit on the gym ball and you place your feet on the ground, your hips and knees should be in a right angle. The advantage of gym ball is that it is not entirely stable, and so you can constantly train your balance and stretch many muscles.


Návody 1 - obrázek
Goal of this exercise is to straighten and stretch out the chest muscles and muscles of the torso.
Návody 2 - obrázek
This exercise helps with back pain and poor standing posture. Furthermore it helps to activate the muscles between scapulas (shoulder blades), core and abdominal muscles. If performed correctly your joints should relax, and you will increase the mobility of your thoracic spine.
Návody 3 - obrázek
This exercise is ideal for straightening your body posture in a sitting position.
Návody 4 - obrázek
The goal of this exercise is to stretch out the thigh muscles as back muscles.
Návody 5 - obrázek
This exercise is ideal for increasing the dnyamic stability of the spine, relieving the lower back and lumbar spine.
Návody 6 - obrázek
This exercise is ideal for strengthening the deep muscles alongside the spine. Perform the exercise during back pains, or if you have incorrect body posture (scoliosis), it is also ideal for strengthening the intervertebral muscles of the arms, trunk and abdominal wall, and for relieving the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine.