Podology and podiatry - care for the feet

Feet play in our lives an important role. They hold the weight of the body, giving us support in a standing position and enables also body movement. At the same time, the feet are part of many functional muscle chains. Function of the feet can be affected by various segments of the musculoskeletal system, therefore it is necessary to take good care of our feet.


Podiatry and podology

Medical discipline, which is focused on anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, prevention and treatment of feet is called podiatry.

Podologic centers are not medical institutions, which are focused on complexive examinations of the feet, analyzing the stereotypes of standing and walking, focusing on the painful conditions of the lower extremities or securing the preventive and reconditioning care for the legs and feet. Podologic center are designed for patients who suffer from bone and joint problems as well as skin and vascular problems.

The centers are equipped with diagnostic devices. Based on the examination, it is possible to produce individual insoles for the shoes, corrective silicone peace in case of toe deformity and problems with the feet, leg orthosis and orthopedic shoes. Podologic centers also cooperate with medical disciplines, such as dermatology, diabetology, angiology, orthopedy, surgery, orthopedic surgery and pediatrics.


Even in physiotherapy and outpatient department are clients who suffer from pain in their feet or worsened function of the feet, various deformations (bunions) and calluses. Physiotherapist secures the mobility of the joints of the feet, tension in the muscle and examines how the feet behave during static and dynamic burden when walking.

Physiotherapist is during the therapy focusing on specific problematic area, and tries to solve the problems within the whole musculoskeletal system, because the problems with feet are often related to changed axial position of the lower extremities, pelvis and spine. Disrupted function of the feet and disorders affect adults as well as children. During the treatment are used techniques of the soft tissues, mobilization, stabilizing exercises, exercises with neurophysiological basis and taping.

Author: FYZIOklinika physiotherapy Ltd., Prague, Czech Republic

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