Exercises against pain in the calves

Are you troubled during walking or any sport activity by pain in the area of the calf muscle? Do you wake up at night due to muscle cramps in your calves? Read about this issue in our articles and try out exercises which might help you from pain.

The reasons why our calves start to hurt during sport activity or even when walking, can be several. Overstretching of the calf muscle, happens due to stepping over the muscle tension, which the muscle fibres are normally able to withstand. Most commonly it is a result of excessive burden, insufficient warm-up or muscle weakness. The cause of overstretched muscles can be also dehydratation or acidification of the body.

Another cause of the pain can be inflammation of the muscles. Inflammation is a way of healing damaged structure. It happens most frequently internally in the damaged tissue. Acute inflammation always manifests with pain, swelling and skin redness. Functions of the specific area is then desrupted. Chronic inflammation oftentimes hurts, but it does not manifest with any bigger swelling. It happens due to repetetive overloading - muscle imbalance, disorder of the muscle dynamics and subsequently also shifted position of the bones against each other.

If you feel pain in your calf while you walk, and stopping doesn't lead to any significant relief - it comes when you lift your legs up, that can be also caused by chronic venous insufficiency. That differs from the ischemic disease of the lower extremities, when the pain is regularly appearing while you walk, and it forces you to stop, which usually leads to quick relief. These pains appear frequently in calves, patients compare it to getting biten by dog. In a more advanced stadium of the illness, patients feel pain even in peaceful regimes and especially during the night.


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This exercise will help you to stretch your calves and Achilles tendons. If you will exercise regularly, you can prevent overloading on the calf muscle, formation of heel spurs, damage of the soft tissues in the knee etc…