First aid: Pain in the hips

Are you troubled by pain in your hips when walking or during physical activity? Do you feel pain in a peaceful regime or when resting? Take a look at our exercise tutorials, which might help youto achieve relief from acute pain.


Návody 1 - obrázek
This exercise is ideal for stretching out the gluteal muscles and outer rotators of the hips. It is also optional to exercise if you have problems with lumbar spine, sacroiliac joint or knee joint.
Návody 2 - obrázek
This exercise is good for stretching the thighs (muscles in the groin area). We exercise it mainly in case of painful syndrome and painful hip or knee joint.

Jedná se o cvik pro protažení přitahovačů stehna (svalů v oblasti třísel). Používáme ho především v případě syndromu bolestivého třísla a bolestí kyčelního či kolenního kloubu.
Návody 3 - obrázek
This exercise serves for stretching the muscles of the lower back and thighs. It is also optional to perform when you feel pain in your lower back.