First aid: Pain in the knee joint

Do you feel pain when walking, running or even when resting? Pain in the knee is the most common result of injury or overload in sports. We present you here several exercise tutorials, which could help you to achieve relief from pain.


Návody 1 - obrázek
Quadriceps (quadriceps femoris) muscle often gets overloaded and shortened, that can cause movement limits and pain in knee joints, but also problems in ostensibly unrelated areas (hip joints, loin spine, groins, …). Thanks to this exercise you can effectively stretch these muscles and relax it.
Návody 2 - obrázek
Muscles in the back side of the thighs (hamstring muscle) often gets contracted which may create pain in the back or knee area. For this reason, it is appropriate to stretch these muscles preventively.
Návody 3 - obrázek
This exercise serves for stretching out the muscles of the lower back and thighs. It is also ideal to exercise if you feel pain in your lower back.
Návody 4 - obrázek
Muscles of the legs are often insufficiently stretched out, which leads to their shortening. This exercise will thoroughly stretch out the outer side of your thigh, gluteal muscles and shins. If you do it regularly, you can prevent overloading of the muscles, knees, hips, back pain, lower back and sacroiliac joint.