Exercises for relieving pain in the neck with needed assistance of a second person

We present you here more exercise tutorials concerning the blocked servical spine or stiff neck muscles. These exercises require assistance of a second person.


Návody 1 - obrázek
Thanks to this exercise you will stretch out the muscles beneath your skull as well as muscles of the nape.
Návody 2 - obrázek
This exercise is helping to relieve the facial and chewing muscles, neck pain, eye pain, teeth pain, and causes migraine.
Návody 3 - obrázek
This method serves for reliving the pain in the nape and relaxing the overworked muscles in the area of the neck.
Návody 4 - obrázek
This exercise helps if you have problems with swallowing, jaws and the TMJ joint, it also relaxes the swallowing muscles, relieves the tension in the area of the hyoid bone.