What is BOSU?

Bosu is balance pad, reminding a shape of an halved ball, with dimensions of the platform 63,5 cm (25 inches) in diameter. You can inflate the dome according to your needs and individual exercises it can perfectly adjust to physiological shapes of your body. Anatomy of human body was important factor during the development of the BOSU® BALANCE TRAINER product.

IMG 4997American therapist David Weck came up with the concept for BOSU in the late 90’s. The term BOSU is short for „BOth Sides Up” which prompts one to think, that it can be used from both sides. We can exercise on it similarly with the gym ball, fitball, overball or use it for step aerobics or small trampoline. Whether it lays on its flat base or turned upside down (flat base facing up) we can exercise on it in an incredible way to activate the muscles that tend to „fall out” from its function and causing formation of functional disorders of movement system.

BOSU is one of the latest balance tools used in physiotherapy as well as in fitness. Thanks to BOSU we can exercise „core stability system of torso and spine” and prevents the painful problems connected with its disfunction.


When exercising on BOSU it is important to execute the exercise corretly and respect the limits of your body. therefore if the client is not able to perfectly perform easier variations of the exercise, he should not attempt to do the harder variants, because you could fix that way the pathological movement patterns and with that deepen the functional problems of the musculoskeletal system.

You can exercise on it similarly as on the gym ball, fitball, overball or use it for step aerobic or as a small trampoline.

Exercising is performed in a slow rhythm and exact coordination of muscles and posterior muscle chain, ideally under supervision of a physiotherapist or professionally educated sport trainer.

Video exercise tutorials for BOSU

Bosu ExerciseBosu StandingBosu WalkingBosu Balance ExerciseBosu Plank Exercise


Bosu BalanceBosu abs exerciseBosu push upBosu Lunge 

 Mgr. Iva Bílková, FYZIOklinika physiotherapy Ltd, Prague, Czech Republic

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