Exercising according to Klapp method

Correct involvement of the important muscles with Klapp´s method is secured by default positions and exact execution of the exercise which we will show you. It is possible to use these exercises in a physical education of the weaker but also healthy individuals.

By starting from the default position from the ground up into straight position, we can transfer the center of movement effort on various segments of the spine, which we are trying to affect.


We bring you tutorials for various exercises with closer analysis of each phase and position:

Walkin on the knees

Kneeling position is fixing your knees and hip joints, but you can move with your trunk and arms to all directions. During this exercise you can’t help yourself with your arms, therefor there is a higher physical intensity, and you will exercise your trunk extensor muscles especially on your hips. Exercising in this position ideal if you suffer from flat back syndrome because it supports the strengthening of the thoracic arch and development of the rib arches, the effect gets increased with suitable breathing rhythm.

Crawling on all fours




We can train the cooperation of the arms and legs when we lie statically on the ground. From hygienical point of view, the exercise doesn’t get incorporated into the exercising program. It is possible to use each position in a resting phase of the exercise unit with a title of the position “resting crocodile”.
With Klapp's method we can through easier and simpler movements do more challenging and complex exercises and create a habit of going into the correct posture and performing correct movement with gradual relief in different parts of our body and also exercising the muscle groups. This way we achieve correction of the incorrect body posture. This method helps with coordination of more complexive movements, but also position of each segment of the body. The active muscle effort helps to improve the back imbalance.

Author: FYZIOklinika physiotherapy Ltd., Prague, Czech Republic

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