Activation system of the reflexive locomotion (Vojta Method)


(Dr. Václav Vojta 1917-2001)

It is a purely manual method (“activation system of the reflexive locomotion”) which was developed by Prof. MUDr. Václav Vojta, DrSc. This method started to be widely used for treating the children who suffer from cerebral palsy. Today this method has its place also in physiotherapy, for example in orthopedic, posttraumatic diagnosis in childhood but also in adulthood (for example during neurological diagnosis, wrong body posture, during headaches and treatment for scoliosis and other problems). Nowadays it is commonly used by children with disorder in psychomotor development.


This method is using reflexive patterns, typical for early childhood age. It is using default positions in which there is applied defined manual stimulation on exactly defined areas of the body, head and legs. There are two main types used in therapy: reflexive rotation and reflexive crawling.


The method is ideal for adults as well as for children.

We use this method usually by children, who have a disorder of the psychomotor development.

By adults for example during neurological diagnosis, headaches, wrong body posture, during scoliosis treatment, and further problems.


Only by adults, whose reaction to the method is unresponsive. During some acute conditions (inflammation, fever condition, illness, etc…).


When to come with your child?

  • If you had a premature birth or there were some complications, baby was born with broken collarbone, rotated leg, paresis (movement disorder) of the arm or any other injury. 
  • If you have a suspicion that your baby is not physically developing correctly as he/she should.
  • If you noticed that your baby is rotating the head to one same side, or when he/she uses only one hand, turn on the stomach with curved back and doesn’t crawl.
  • If the infant suffers from abnormal digestive problems - often pukes, inflated belly.
  • If doctor recommends you to visit rehabilitation with your baby, or you already absolved rehabilitation, but you feel like it wasn’t properly explained and showed to you.
  • If you want to prevent formation of movement disorders, which you may suffer from or the father of the child.

What can you expect by us?

  • Examination of the psychomotor development of the baby.
  • Offer you therapy and explaining you the principles.
  • Therapy with physiotherapist and further thorough and patient training of the parent.
  • We observe the condition and development, consultation.
  • We will teach you how to correctly manipulate with the child, so we would not support any unwanted movement, how to play with your baby so we could help the child to “train” the muscles, which we want to be involved.


It depends on the size of the deviation and type of the therapy method. From the start of treatment it is ideal to visit the physiotherapist once a week to be sure that the mother (or other family member) will practice the learned exercises correctly and if the baby reacts positively.


Along with pediatric diagnosis we consider very successful the Vojta method (reflexive locomotion). Even though by this type of physiotherapy the children often cry, it doesn’t mean it is hurting them! The baby only doesn’t like when we hold him/her in a certain position and provoke the muscles, which the baby is not used to use.

The results are worth it!

Illustrative photos:

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