Strengthening the whole body with the TRX system, redcord and jungle

Suspension trainers such as redcord, jungle or TRX were created for different priorities, but they all have a same thought about strengthening the musculoskeletal system.



Jungle system was created by a norwegian company, which is focusing on development of athletic equipment for professionals. The suspension system is focused on strengthening the muscles with your own weight without any dumbbell. You just need to lean against the handles of the rope, lean your body, and you can exercise your arms, back, legs and belly.


Redcord is designed so that it would help with a functional examination of the clients. Following therapy is then centered on the weak areas and functions. The treatment is from this point of very individual and therapy enables to every client active approach in the level of their skill. The treatment is focused on treating the affected function and is usually highly effective. Which is proved by the successful treatments of many patients with chronic pain.


TRX suspension system enables the person to perform a lot of exercises, and it is also used in training by the US armed forces. It is a system which not only develops condition but especially balance and strength. Thanks to this you can regulate the weight (percentage of physical weight) with which you then exercise. The TRX is suitable for all the levels of physical condition. From beginners to top athletes. The essence of the TRX is the adjustable suspension system, which enables to perform wide range of exercises.

There are many options of use for the suspension systems, gravity and the condition of the musculoskeletal system. We can use these systems with proper education for prevention, regaining back the lost movement functions and for fun. It doesn’t matter which system you use for the movement activity, but how you use it.


  • Keep the harnesses tight during all exercises!
  • During exercise there is a principle, that the bigger part of the body is suspended on the special harness and the rest of the body rests on the ground.
  • The intensity of the exercise can be set by everyone individually just by reposition the body. By changing the position of our body by few centimeters we change the intensity of the performed exercise. The lower you are below the hanging point, the harder the exercise will be, and vice versa.


  • By exercising we evenly train all the muscle groups and muscles, which are otherwise hardly exercised.
  • Every exercise leads to intensive involvement of the deep stabilizing system, and strengthening stereotype of the correct body posture.
  • It improves condition, balance, spine mobility, muscle strength, stability, flexibility of the joints, flexibility and coordination.
  • It is using the form of strength training for exercising with your own weight.
  • It is gentle on your joints and tendons, because sudden impacts and hits are excluded.
  • The suspension system can be use both indoor and outdoor.
  • The exercises are suitable for prevention against injuries and can serve as rehabilitational exercises.
  • Exercising fills your with positive energy and increases your confidence, which is promising a happy and balance life.
  • The suspensions system is easily portable and spatially undemanding.


It is important to avoid the incorrect elements during exercising. Here are the most common mistakes performed during the exercise:

  • Jerky, uncontrollable movements. There is a higher risk of injury of the muscles and spine.
  • Wrong performance, not having enough strength. In such case you need to place your body and legs further from the points of hanging. By changing the degree between the ground and your body you will change the weight.
  • Loose harnesses, which have to be always tightened.


We will show you some effective exercises for strengthening of the whole body which you can perform on your suspension system at home. Doesn’t matter what kind of suspension you have, but make sure the suspension if firmly hanging up and don’t forget about the safety elements.

Few exercise tutorials:

There’s more exercises in our database:

  • Suspension system - easier exercises
  • Suspension system - difficult exercises

Author: FYZIOklinika physiotherapy Ltd., Prague, Czech Republic

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