Exercising mimics during facial nerve paralysis

Do these exercises after a session with physiotherapist, who recommended you to exercise at home your facial muscles. For exercising you just need a chair and mirror. It is important to perform the exercises as symmetrically as possible and not to put too much force into it.

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CLSvrasteniCela (2)Exercise no.1 CORRUGATED FOREHEAD

Lift up your eyebrows, the wrinkles have to be horizontally.




CLSpuleniRtuPickaniExercise no.2 POUTY LIPS, WHISTLING

Pout your lips as much as you can, push out and breath in the air through your mouth, you can try to whistle.




CLSvrasteniOboci (1)Exercise no.3 FROWN

Move your eyebrows together, the wrinkles are forming vertically.



CLZavreniVicekExercise no. 4 CLOSING YOUR EYELIDS

Exercise closing of your eyelids, do not involve your lips or any other mimic muscle.




CLVyrazNespokojenostiExercise no. 5 EXPRESSION OF DISSATISFACTION

Train your mimic expressions, expression of dissatisfaction can differ, try out more options, and try to involve both sides of the face.




CLVyrazSmichuExercise no. 6 EXPRESSION OF LAUGHTER

Spread your mouth into a wide smile and don’t hold yourself from laughter, you will find it to be easier to exercise.




CLNafouknutiTvariExercise no.7 PUFF YOUR CHEEKS

Puff your cheeks, and hold the air in them.





CLCeneniZubuExercise no.8 GRIN

Grin all your teeth as if you’d growl, your nose be involved and the skin by the root of the nose should be wrinkled.




CLVzlykaniExercise no.9 SOBBING

Don’t be ashamed and train the grimace of sobbing, expression of unhappiness.



FYZIOklinika physiotherapy Ltd., Prague, Czech Republic

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