Physical education treatment

Physical education and therapeutic process, with psychologically pedagogical character is largely part of the job description of the physiotherapist.

The treatment plan is built on entry examination and evaluation by the physiotherapist. Physical education treatment uses concepts of adapted movement activity with a preventive purpose, regeneration, adjustment or improving the function of the organism by people with changed condition of the musculoskeletal system (muscle disbalance, improper movement behavior which leads to overload, etc…), but in most cases it is improving more or less the organ system (cardiorespiratory system, nervous system, endocrine system etc…).

CLFyzioterapieProfiloveAmong the elements of the physical education treatment are active (with help/against the pressure) and passive movements, respirational physiotherapy (breathing exercises). Exercising with gym tools, equipments, conditional exercising. For complexive treatment these processes are usually combined with manual medicine (article about manual medicine) and physical therapy (electrotherapy, hydrotherapy, mechanotherapy, and more..).


(Note: this works only in the Czech republic.) On the prescription paper for rehabilitation from the doctor (FT prescription) you can notice that there are several different types of physical education treatment (PET).

Individual PET

One of the types is individual PET, which incorporates especially conditional methods. In these therapies is emphasis put on correction of the movement disorders with analytical methods. That includes exercises for increased movement range, muscle strength, breathing exercises and much more.

PET on a neurophysiological basis

Second type is a treatment on neurophysiological basis (in the FT prescription you can find LTV on NFP). methods and concepts which fall under this type use neurophysiological principles. It is slightly more complexive then the analytical exercises. Physiotherapy of this type works on muscle coactivation (simultaneous activation of certain muscles) in the needed muscle coordination. It is coming from psychomotor development (Bobath, Vojta, Brunkow, PNF and sensorimotor stimulation).

Group PET

People with similar or same problem are prescribed to join group physical education treatment. The exercising is then performed at hospital, in gyms, but you can also exercise outside or in nature, as its common during spa stay.

Group PET in swimming pool

There are also group exercises in swimming pools, where therapists use the advantage of water (lighter body, water affecting the skin receptors).

Individual PET under supervision with equipment

In case of need, you can be also prescribed individual therapy with gym equipment under supervision, which involves also exercising machines, stationary bicycle or cpm machine.

Physiotherapy currently offers countless of methods and how to reach the results, whether it is for removing the pain, improving the body posture, increasing the muscle strength or range of movement. In order to get the best possible results is without any doubt thorough examination, without which would be application of any exercise betting on unsure results.

Author: FYZIOklinika physiotherapy Ltd., Prague, Czech Republic

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