Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common sexual dysfunctions. It is a nemesis of many men after 40 years of age. But it also affects younger men, and many men deal with this problem for some time in their life.

It is a partial or complete inability to hold penis erected in a sufficient firmness and time for a quality sexual intercourse. The dysfunction appears when the cavernous bodies are not sufficiently filled with blood, which makes it difficult to activate the starter and keeping mechanism of the erection.


Erectile dysfunction can be divided into psychogenic (20%) and structural (80%) groups, alternatively they can be combined. Studies show that most dysfunctions have physical (structural) cause.


  • Lifestyle (Stress, smoking, lack of physical activity,...)
  • Metabolic and systemic diseases (cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus,...)
  • Nervous system diseases (disorder of sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system)
  • Injuries (mechanical damage of the cavernous bodies, scar,...)
  • Psychological causes


  • You are not noticing morning erection
  • You can’t achieve erection during stimulation
  • You can’t keep the erection till ejaculation or the erection appears shortly before ejaculation
  • It’s not a one-time malfunction, but repeated, or it is combined with lowered libido/sex drive
  • Do you have problem in any of these phases: ability to reach erection, sufficient erection, ability to hold erection.

It is important to visit your doctor without any hesitation as soon as possible, because erectile dysfunction is usually only associated illness and it can signalize another more severe disease. Also, if you start to treat the problem as soon as possible, you will recover more easily and faster.



Prevention should be on the first place, because it is always better to avoid the disorders, than to deal with them in a long term with a complicated treatment. The most effective way is to avoid the risk factors which are: substance abuse such as alcohol and tobacco, overweight, psychological stress and lack of sleep. Wrong lifestyle has also influence, fat food, lack of vegetables and fruits, insufficient drinking regime (lack of water and juice), drinking too much coffee, and lack of anaerobic movement such as running, swift walking and hiking.

Atherosclerosis is one of the most spreaded cause of erectile dysfunction, therefore try to avoid factors which cause it. Treat your body with enough movement, relaxation and quality sleep. Healthy nutritional diet and enough liquids is alpha and omega for a healthy lifestyle and also prevention against all systemic diseases. If you know about genetically inherited diseases in your family such as: cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, kidney diseases, or you already suffer from some disease increase the preventive measures. If you use medicaments, which can cause erectile dysfunction, consult it with your doctor.


In early stage, if the cavernous bodies are not irrecoverably damaged, the treatment is relatively easy and fast matter. Among the most up-to-date treatment methods dealing with erectile dysfunction caused by insufficient blood supply of the penis, are ESWT (extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy) Focused shock wave therapy. This non-invasive form of treatment is performed by our specialists in physiotherapeutic center FYZIOklinika.

Focused shockwave therapy has undoubtedly more positive effects than any other treatment method, because it doesn’t burden the digestive system, kidneys, livers, it has no side effects and the application on the penis is not painful at all. It is using its positive effects on regeneration of the organism, supporting the blood supply in soft tissues and metabolism in the area of application. Which is very important during damage of the cavernous bodies, scars or painful erections.

Even though the problematics of erectile dysfunction is a sensitive topic, it does pay off if you pay attention to it in time. Nowadays there are plenty informations about prevention and treatment methods. Stay healthy for a long time by not closing your eyes before the problem.

FYZIOklinika physiotherapy Ltd., Prague, Czech Republic
Source: Clinical experience from a private practice in physiotherapeutic field, FYZIOklinika

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