Negative results of insufficient drinking

CLVodaAre you troubled by problems such as unpleasant smell from your mouth, wrinkles or fluctuation in your mood? Are you often without energy? Do you suffer from constipation? Do you gain weight even though you keep a healthy diet and you exercise regularly? Are you troubled by these problems and you don’t know how to get rid of them effectively? It can be caused by inadequate drinking regime. And through these signals, your body tries to warn you about this problem.

Try to think, how much water do you drink per day. Realize that your body is made from 70% from water. That means that enough water is absolutely mandatory for our body. And whether we keep it or not will reflect on our health condition. Recommended intake of water according to specialists around 2 to 2,5 liter of water a day. In case of bigger physical activity and higher temperatures, the amount increases. Lack of water is signalizing many symptoms. Let’s get familiar with the most common ones.


Do you often get tired even though you get enough sleep? Are you missing energy and you are not able to concentrate? Are you irritated and moody as a result of that? Did your relatives or friends notice it, and you are not even able to stand yourself? It can be caused by lack of water in your body. Already slight dehydration can cause these symptoms. Try to drink regularly and you will see difference in your concentration and activity.


Did you notice that your skin has a worsened in quality, and you are seeing now sudden increase of deeper wrinkles? The cause doesn’t have to be just ageing. The causes can be simpler than you might think. Again, insufficient drinking regime can be at fault. Body is forced to manage with the little water it gets, and secure the necessary processes, but nothing is left for our skin cells. That leads to their slower reproduction. Which in turn results in lost elasticity, and the skin gets dull, which makes the wrinkles become even more distinct. Therefore include more water in your daily life and you will feel younger, and better.



Are you trying to reduce your physical weight? You keep a healthy diet with a regular exercise but you still can’t lose weight? Maybe lack of water can be the cause. Enough liquids in your body has a positive effect on burning the fat, increasing metabolism and also helping to reduce weight. Therefore don’t forget to include sufficient amount of water into your program throughout the whole day.


If you are troubled by unpleasant breath, there might be several reasons for that. One of them is lack of water intake. With water deficit in your body, the production of saliva drops as well, which restricts the production of bacteria in our mouth, especially in hardly reachable area, where the food leftovers cumulate. It is places like the space between the teeth, or back of the tongue, where bacteria can hide well enough and spread. More bacteria then produces higher amount of sulfur composition, which causes the unpleasant smell from mouth. Therefore there is nothing easier in treating unpleasant breath than regularly drink enough water.


Constipation can also be one of the warning symptoms your body tries to make, when you don’t drink enough water as you should for a correct function of our organism. Insufficient intake of liquids means our body doesn’t distribute the water evenly into our intestines. The digested food is processed into the small intestine and then large intestine, where the water and mineral components are absorbed into the body. In case of lack of water it can lead to unpleasant problems with discharging the stool. Therefore include larger amount of water into your daily regime, you will relieve your organism and yourself as well.


Among common indicators of dehydration of organism are for example:

  • Color of your urine - the darker it is, the worse. The color of urine should be light yellow during normal water consumption.
  • Frequency of urination - it is highly individual, but sudden and significant time without the need to go to toilet signifies that your drinking regime is not entirely correct.
  • Burning, dry or cracked lips.

To make sure you drink enough water, you can do a simple test. Hold the skin on the back of your hand with your thumb and index finger, after a while let go, the skin should return back to its original condition without any deformity. If not, then you should think about your daily intake of water, and try to drink more.

The best way to keep a drinking regime is to drink regularly throughout the whole day. Body will be able to use the water more efficiently and it will have a generally more positive effect. On the other hand incorrect process is when you don’t drink whole day, and then you drink excessive amount of water in one stand, in order to decrease the deficit. The result will be increased amount of urine other than profitable effect for your body. Therefore you should think about drinking water, and keep a correct drinking regime.

FYZIOklinika physiotherapy Ltd., Prague, Czech Republic

Source: Clinical experience from private practice in physiotherapeutic field, FYZIOklinika

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