Therapeutic procedure by a gymnast


CLSportovniGymnastikaPavlína Rampouchová is a gymnast, she is doing her hobby for 13 years now. She started to train in Poděbrady, after than in Kolín, where she now has 5-6 hour long trainings per week. At first she trained only for the joy she got from it, but later she also engaged in competing. She is a member of czech gymnastic federation as a competitor as well as trainer and referee.

Pavlína came to visit us on 21.11.2014 with pain in the right knee, the injury happened as a result of direct impact on the knee when she was roller skating in may 2014. Not even 6 weeks of resting didn’t help her very much from the pain. Since then she felt that her knee is unstable and painful, especially during jumping. In september of the same year she sprained her ankle thanks to the instability, which restricted Pavlína to continue with training. Thanks to the injury she couldn’t train on 3 out of 4 training devices.

On the first therapy we applied focused shock wave on the painful ankle as well as knee. The client felt the biggest sensitivity in the area of the outer ankle, patella and inside of the knee. By radial shock wave we relieved the muscles on the outer side of the calf and the muscles of the front and outer side of the thighs. In the end, we have relaxed the whole treated area with deep vibrational massage. In order to support the patella, we applied a flexible kinesio tape, with which we also fixed the painful ankle.

Week later, on another therapy, we focused a little more on the knee, because the pain in the ankle faded away. Since the client didn’t find Radial shock wave pleasant, we instead applied only the focused shock wave and vibrational massage. At the end of the therapy, we again applied the kinesio tape to support the patella and strengthen the knee.

After a week later, the client absolved another two therapies and she did not notice any significant improvement. On both therapies we used the radial shock wave with a weaker end headpiece. The improvement came only after few days since the last (fourth) therapy. On the fifth therapy, Pavlína came with information that she doesn’t have any problem with jumping, and that her knee doesn’t hurt anymore!

 FYZIOklinika physiotherapy Ltd., Prague, Czech Republic

Source: Clinical experience from private practice in physiotherapeutic field, FYZIOklinika

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