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CLcvikyPosilováníMore and more people nowadays take care of their health and condition. They try to live a healthy lifestyle, which is connected to a healthy movement and exercising. The key role here is also its correct performance. Because many people do many mistakes, thanks to which the correctly intended exercise has almost no effect and sometimes it can even do harm. Inappropriate workload, absence of some exercised parts, incorrectly performed techniques, poorly exercised training, missing or long breaks, and many other general mistakes committed by large number of people on a daily basis. Now let's look at a few specific exercises that are commonly exercised. Simply said, they can be healthy, but for many people they are not, or their application is so problematic that it is worthwhile to note, that even a reasonable person should be careful and at least think about including the exercise in the training program.


From the first gym classes we were taught this exercise and everyone knows it. We hear it all around us, “the abdominal muscles are getting weaker, and therefore it is important to exercise them and do sit ups…”. Unfortunately it is not so easy with the abdominal muscles. The upper part of the abdominal muscles is usually thanks to incorrect movement stereotype and incorrect breathing stereotype overloaded, on the other hand, the lower abs are truly weakened. These exercises activate just the upper - overloaded part of the abdominal muscles.

As far as the actual execution is concerned, the most common mistake in these exercises is leg muscles are clenched and the back is bent, that way the abdominal muscle cannot be even involved. In this case, we are not even the strengthening the abdominal muscles, but the hip flexors (m. Iliopsoas), which only aggravates the lordotic curve of the lumbar spine to the extremes and its overloading and shortening is often responsible for the back pain.

If you do not want to leave out this exercise from your training sessions, the correct variant of the imaginary sit-up is a gradual scrolling of the spine and its rewinding on the mat, but it is important to maintain a stable abdominal wall (an active belly pressure), which can be checked for example by a rope tied around the stomach , Which should not be noticeably stretched - the belly should not bulge.

Crunch BOSUExercising the abdominal muscles


CLBosuPrkno (1)

Almost everyone nowadays knows and heard about an exercise focused on exercising the “core”, the center of the body, among physiotherapists it is known as “Deep stabilizing System”. Almost everyone will think about exercise called “plank”. But why do we include it among the problematic problems, when it is intact with the deep stabilizing system? The exercise is without a doubt great for isometric strengthening of the muscles of the whole body, but for most less experienced and untrained people it is very demanding exercise, therefore you can see individual who are shaking and their lower back is curved. At the same time these individuals are trying to stay in the position for as long as possible according to their downloaded training program.

The goal of this exercise is to keep stability in the position thanks to good coordination of the muscles of the body core, but in case of wrong technique you will exercise all muscles but those you actually want to exercise. Therefore start with lower positions, from your knees on a mat or an elevated mat below your arms and put emphasis on the precision of the technique and then after mastering it, start with more demanding positions and staying in the position for longer time. You can the exercise more intensive by using special balance pad BOSU.



Various benches and gym equipment for strengthening the abdominal muscles isn’t good for anyone. All the different equipments force you to activate the upper abdominals, which you don’t need to overload any further. Instead of this exercise, we recommend exercising the intra-abdominal pressure while co-ordinating the diaphragm, pelvic floor, deep muscles of the spine and transversus abdominis muscle. The abdominal pressure will stimulate the abdominal and femoral activity of the "muscular corset". You can make it harder by exercising on unstable surface (BOSU, balance disc, gym ball).

Corrected sitting position


Balance exercises are the correct step and most gyms offer this kind of equipment. First you need to handle the squat technique, push up and other basic exercises correctly. Learn them under the supervision of a physiotherapist or a learned fitness tutor. Get advice on your technique of the exercise in order to activate the deep stabilizing system on a solid surface, and then you can boldly try it out on the balance platforms, but try to perform the exercise as best as you can. Do not try to do a more demanding exercise, if you are not able to execute it correctly (without problems). We do not recommend you to try a more complicated exercise on an unstable platform because if you are able to manage the exercise a solid surface. This gradual start will definitely pay off. Do not try to keep your swaying body on the unstable platform at the expense of correctly executed exercise. If you wont pay attention to the quality of the performed movement and simultaneously the intra-abdominal pressure activity, your back, joints could become painful, or you could damage the muscle fibers during overload.

BOSU SquattingBOSU female pushupBOSU Male pushup



Regular push TRXKnee Pushup TRX 

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Author: FYZIOklinika physiotherapy Ltd., Prague, Czech Republic
Source: Pavel Švejcar - Moderní Fyziotrénink/ Modern physiotraining
Clinical experience from private practice in physiotherapeutic field, FYZIOklinika

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