Feeding the children with solids

I would like to share my experience i had with my daughter which surely other have as well. At the same time i would like to cheer up mothers, who are facing the problem of refusing solid food by their children and they are afraid about healthy development of their children


As every mother, even i was taught at the right time from our pediatrician, that it is time to introduce solids, i had the luck that our doctor explained me what to feed the baby and when. Unfortunately, who no one advised me about was how to do it, so that all the food i cooked for my daughter with love would be eaten.


I wanted to start to feed my daughter with solids by the end of the 7th month. But my daughter strictly refused to open her mouth to anything that was on the spoon from the first moment and onwards. Everyone, including pediatricians calmed me down by saying: „Calm down, be patient, it will work”. I was trying to be patient and waited, we continued to try to feed my daughter with healthy baby food several times a day, but it didn’t work. At first i gave my daughter vegetable purée, later i tried to give her sweeter fruit purée, and at the end i also tried my mother’s advice, to make the purée sweeter. So i bought Glukopur sweetener and nothing happened, when my daughter only saw the spoon she turned her head away as if she was saying: “I don’t want this mom, i want milk”.


I had enough patience, but i didn’t have the heart to let my child go hungry, so when she didn’t eat for half a day, and starting to cry from hunger, i just breastfed her. I assumed that i can’t force anything into a crying child. At the same time i didn’t want to create stress over the food. Like that was my daughter breastfed for 12 months. When she was able to feed herself, she put bits of food into her mouth (around 8 month), later she was able to use a spoon, so we slowly started to stop with breastfeeding. But really slowly because, even though my daughter was good at using spoon and even fork, she still “plays” with her food to this day, instead of eating it. And so she never get’s full enough.


My daughter is currently 17 months old and i am finding out that she was breastfed from 701-80%. She weighs about 9 kilograms and her height is around 83 centimeters. She is not usually sick (since she was born, she had cold just 2 times) and she doesn’t suffer from any allergy. Her psychomotor skills developing very well. She is simply healthy thin girl, who goes with the saying “I eat to live, not live to eat”.

Maybe we are not the best examples with my daughter for how to feed your child solids correctly, she doesn’t even have flabs of which she could be proud of. But we are a good example of healthy and longer breastfeeding.

Therefore, dear mothers, even if your child refuses to eat solids, don’t worry, trust your child, because the child knows best what it wants and what is good for it

We wish you and your baby the best of everything.

Mgr. Iva Bílková, FYZIOklinika physiotherapy Ltd., Prague, Czech Republic

Source: Clinical experience from private practice in physiotherapeutic field, FYZIOklinika

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