When to visit physiotherapist for rehabilitation?

When something start to hurt you extensively, don´t delay your visit to physiotherapist till the time when the problem is chronically fixed and its removal through rehabilitation is complicated.pain

When to visit physiotherapist?

  • Do you suffer from muscle pain, joint pain, spine pain, or are you after injury or operation?
  • Do you or your children suffer from growth development defects of the movement system (scoliosis, wrong posture, disorders centration of large weight-bearing joints…)?
  • Is your child diagnosed with disorder in psychomotor agitation development?
  • Did you undergo injury or illness that left consequences on brain function, spinal cord or peripheral cords?
  • Are you a woman having unable to get pregnant or carry child?

List of cases, when we recommend to use professional help

  • Functional disorder and muscle disbalance
    • Muscle pain, joint pain, spine pain, rib pain, back pain, rump pain or headache
    • pain the in the muscle, tendons
    • Stomach pain (for example menstruation pain, digestive pain)
    • Movement problems from monotone or physically demanding work
    • Movement problems from improper training
    • Visual disturbance (for example scotomy)
    • Hearing disorder (for example tinnitus)
    • Often headaches
  • After injuries or operations (muscles, bones, joints)
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Arthrosis of small and big joints
  • Vertebrogenic pain syndrome (back pain, herniated intervertebral disc)
  • Degenerative spine illness
  • Condition after stroke
  • Condition after cerebral palsy
  • Breathing conditions including asthma
  • Central coordination disorders by children
  • Disorders of psychomotor agitation
    • Delayed psychomotor agitation by babies and young children
    • Growth and development conditions of movement system, scoliosis, wrong posture, flatfoot etc. 
  • Functional sterility (your tests are in order but you can´t get pregnant?)
  • Physiotherapy for athletes
  • Incontinence (stress, smišena forma)
  • Psychosomatics
    • Physical and mental stress increases muscles tension and causes types of pain
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