How to run correctly and why use a tape for running

Do you like to run, and you want to be sure you are running healthily? Do you want to make sure how to correctly warm up and at the same time stabilize the body? Or do you want to know how to use functional and firm tape for to relieve your muscles or stabilize your joints when running? Then this article is written for you.

While running it is important to keep your body in a correct body position activation of the so called deep stabilizing system is important for relief and at the same time stabilization of the carrying joints and spine

SPbehsilniceWhen running, it is important to keep your body in a correct body position. Activation of the so called deep stabilizing system (core) is important for relief and at the same time stabilization of the carrying joints and spine. Detailed description about how to hold your body can be found in an article „Barefoot running and how to run correctly.

Try to do a simple test on yourself. Set the treadmill to a speed 7 km/ph and observe how you are holding your shoulders, nape of the neck, chest, and how firm or loosely are your legs working. Before the correction of the posture the body usually tilts forwards, head is pushed forward as well and the shoulders are kept closer to the ears. The impacts of the feet on the surface will be before the correction landed on the heel first or on the whole surface of the foot. This movement stereotype is not entirely ideal. During the contact of the foot with the surface, the leg cannot use very well dampen the impacts occurring when the foot lands on the ground and incorrect body posture burdens the musculoskeletal system.


If you want to change your body posture, or at least try, what would you feel during running when you change your posture, try to stretch out. Breathe into your stomach and at the same time to the sides (expand your belt) and „release” the tailbone between your heels. And keep the chest slightly up without bending in the lumbar spine.

Simple exercises for corrected stance before running

These simple exercises can serve you within the warm up before you go for a run, and at the same time it will stimulate the correct body posture in order for the running to be as light as possible for the body.

  • Place a stick (branch,...) on your collarbone, straighten up and lift your arms in front of yourself, so that the stick wouldn’t fall down. Try to do squats like this, with your back being straight, the stick can’t fall down.
  • Hold the stick with your arms above your head, and do squats again. The trunk has to be firm, the body should not curve during the squat or when you stand up.

Exercises for correcting the running rhythm

  • Hold the stick again in your stretched arms above your head, and slightly start to jog on the spot (as if you were running). If you jog slowly, you will feel that most of the movement is done by the muscles.
  • If you slightly accelerate the rhythm and you will be able to get into the rhythm, when you feel that the jogging in done from 50% by muscles and 50% thanks to the elasticity of the ligaments and tendons, which will “shoot” you up, you achieved the correct rhythm for running. This frequency is for your muscles and ligament system the most gentle. The involved strength during running is the most economic and it leads to a much lower damage of the soft tissues. You will feel less tired after such run, and the regeneration of the organism is faster.



Find your optimal rhythm - the step has to be regular; running if fueled from half by muscle work and from the other half by the flexibility of the soft tissues (tendons and ligaments). Your head is during running constantly in the same height (jogging is slower). The foot is landing on the toes, that way you will dampen the impact on the foot, and the transfer of the hit on the other joints and spine.

This movement coordination will enable you to run lightly, faster than you are used to, and at the same time it will cost you less energy. The joints are not so painful and the body is not so tired thanks to the correct body posture. Regeneration after running is faster and the running performance is higher.


If you are ahead of a demanding training, competition, or you just want to do intensive workout for fun, we recommend to use a functional and firm tape - kinesio tape. It is a cotton band which is applied on a clean and shaved skin. The tape affects the tension in the muscles, joints and tendons… in a specific muscle chain. At the same time they help to protect the body against damage from overload or injury, and they accelerate the regeneration. They will help you to use their full potential to get the best from them.


Did you know that every year 60-85% of runners suffer injury as a result of running?

The mentioned percentage includes pain in the Achilles tendon, ruptured muscle fibres, damaged meniscus etc… Protect your muscles and tendons by using kinesio tape.



Firm taping for correction:

  • Transverse arch
  • Position of the big toe

Flexible taping for correction:

  • Longitudinal arch
  • Stabilization of the ankle
  • Relief for Achilles tendon and triceps
  • Knee stabilization
  • Relief for the hamstrings (back of the thigh)
  • Relief for the adductors (flexors) of the thigh
  • Relief for the flexors of the hip

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Mgr. Iva Bílková, FYZIOklinika fyzioterapie Ltd, Prague, Czech Republic

Source: Lee Saxby, barefoot running coach, USA

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