Use of the virtual reality in physiotherapy

Icaros VR


It may not appear so, but exercising with the system icaros is physically very demanding. The exercise begins with you getting positioned into the construction, which has supporting parts for the upper and lower extremities. With body movement and constantly trying to keep balance you will move around the center of your gravity. Part of the system are also goggles 3D virtual reality, which will lead you into the virtual world, you definitely won’t be bored as you will have to activate whole lot of muscle groups. You can dive, fly or visit space. Your body movements are scanned by the sensors in order for the game to respond.

Exercising involves various muscle groups of the whole body. With constant balancing and elevation you involve especially abdominal external oblique muscles and rectus abdominis. With correct default position and support for upper and lower extremities you will exercise the core muscles. It leads to activation of the transverse abdominal muscle, short muscles in the deepest layer alongside the spine  and simultaneously with there is involved diaphragm and muscles of the pelvic floor. Thanks to the hand support you can activate the muscles of your arms, shoulders (deltoid muscle), neck (trapezius muscle), shoulder blades (muscles between the shoulder blades), back (wide back muscle) and chest (pectoral muscles). Other exercised muscles are the muscles of the hip joints (front side of the thighs, outer rotators of the hip joints), gluteal muscles and muscles of the knee joint (calf muscle). Thanks to the support in the hands and legs there is a centration of all the bigger muscles (shoulders and hips).

Constant balancing improves the ability to concentrate. By changing positions you involve the vestibular system of the inner ear, which in combination with sight and proprioceptive complex secures the balance of the head and body. Proprioception is needed for a correct movement coordination and tension in the muscles and also to be able to recognize the changed position of our body. These signals are transferred from the proprioceptive complex into the brain.

Balancing system Icaros was stationed at our facility (FYZIOklinika) as a physiotherapeutic device. This balancing device using virtual reality is constantly developing and improving. Based on our experience, we decided to wait the using Icaros system for a longer period of time, until the concept will be technologically ready for a daily service. We also actively contribute to the improvement of this exercising system.

When using virtual reality, the physiotherapist is during the whole exercising session checking on the client and his position.

  • More informations about virtual reality Icaros can be found HERE.

More types of VR balance systems

These kinds of virtual reality are so far not used in physiotherapy, but after slight adjustments we will try to offer you the best one for physiotherapeutic exercising under the supervision of an experienced therapist with great deal of fun. We believe that this way of exercising will be very enjoyable for you as well.


This VR system offers an impressive virtual experience, which will break the barrier between the real world and virtual world.  All the action is secured by a maximum security.

The exercise is performed in a standing position and the exercising person is attached by waist to a construction which supports the uppers half of the body. Part of the system are also 3D goggles, which will lead you into virtual reality. You control the game with the movement of your whole body, by walking, running, jumping or crouching. This system is ideal for action of RPG games.

  • More informations about KAT Walk can be found HERE.

VRGO Chair

New type of controlling movement in a virtual reality. It is a specially designed chair and with correct movement in a sitting position you control the world of the virtual reality.

Within the gameplay is the person in a sitting position and exercises the muscles in the area of the ankle, knees, hips and pelvic floor. It is possible to use the system in physiotherapy in order to strengthen the lower half of the body, especially the lower extremities. Part of the device ar against 3D goggles, which will take you into the virtual reality. With body movement you control the game. The device is ideal for most games and movies enabling players to engage in 3D virtual reality.

  • More informations about the VRGO Chair can be found HERE.

Birdly ®


Birdly has a goal to fulfill the human desire to fly. Virtual reality technology and robotics create extremely lively and intuitive experience, during which you feel as if you were flying in the air like a bird.

The player lays on his stomach with arms stretched out. In physiotherapy it can be used for exercising the arms and upper part of the body. Part of the device are also goggles and headphones which increase the sensation of flying. And to get even more intensive experience, there is a fan blowing wind on you and smells released, based on your position in the virtual world. You control the game with the movement of your arms, which in the games represent your wings.

  • More informations about Birdly can be found HERE.


Author: FYZIOklinika physiotherapy Ltd., Prague, Czech Republic

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