First aid: Pain in the ankle joint

Are you troubled by pain in the area of your ankle? do you feel pain when you sport or walk? We present you here few exercises, which could help you from acute pain.

Exercises against pain in the ankles

Are you troubled by movement restriction in the ankle? Are the outsoles of your shoes worn off? Is the shape of your foot changed or deformed? Do you observe changed sensitivity or even insensitivity in your feet? Do you observe feeling of instability in your ankle? Does it bother you to stand on your toes or heels, and is it more challenging for you to walk into the stairs as well as down the stairs? Does walking in varying terrain cause you troubles? Do you stand for long periods of time in your work? Does your ankle swell? Do you perform more demanging physical activity? Does the pain occur after the physical activity? Do you feel spasms in your calves? Use some of our exercises.

Exercises against pain in the ankle with exercising tool

Exercise tutorials during pain in the ankle on a balance pad BOSU, Airex and suspension trainer.