First aid: Pain in the elbow

Are you troubled by sharp pain in your elbow joint? the most common cause is the attachment pain in the tendons of the muscles. We present you here several exercise tutorials, which could help you from acute pain. You can exercise alone at home without the assistance of a second person.

Exercises against pain in the elbow

Do you feel sharp pain in the area of your elbow? Does this pain restrict you in your daily life? Did you try out various kinds of therapies, but the problems are still remaining? Among the painful syndromes in the elbow area are the two most common syndromes: Tennis elbow and javelin thrower's (golf) elbow. Read more about it, and try out few exercises that are focused on stretching, relaxing and stabilizing the elbow.

Exercises against pain with exercising tools

Does your elbow hurt or maybe it is blocked? Try out several exercises on a Gym ball and thera band, focused on stretching, relaxation and stabilization of the elbow.