Tennis/Javelin thrower's elbow

Are you troubled by sharp pain in the area of the elbow, which appears with even the slightest movement? The cause can be tennis/javelin thrower's elbow (golf elbow)

It is a enthesopathy belonging to the group of painful syndromes, which are caused by inflammatory processes in attachments of the tendons, ligaments and joint capsules. These inflammatory processes usually appear as a result of long lasting overloading of the muscles, and this tension is then transferred to the ligaments of the muscles and other connective tissues. Overloaded muscles in the area of the elbow can have a cause in the more distant areas such as cervical or thoracic spine or from the muscles of the shoulder girdle.

Tennis elbow

The most common illness in the area of the elbow is the tennis elbow. Tennis elbow is the center of the pain on the outer epicondyle (bony eminence) on the humerus bone, this pain can shoots up towards our shoulder or down towards our wrist. We can find high tension in the extensors of the fingers and wrist. Pain is invoked by holding something convulsively. People suffering from tennis elbow may feel unpleasant feeling when lifting a cup, carrying objects or when doing some simple manual activity. Skin redness is also sometimes visible, as well as increased temperature and swelling in the affected area. Most frequently we meet with this kind of pain resulting from incorrect position of the arm during manipulation with mouse from computer and especially by manual types of jobs (bricklayers, gardeners but also dentists and many other professions).

Javelin thrower's elbow

Javelin thrower's (golf) elbow forms in the inner epicondyle of the humerus bone, on the outer side of the elbow. To this epicondylus are attached flexors of the forearm and wrist. Similarly as by the previous diagnosis, is pain caused by overworked muscles and connective tissues. However the mechanism of occurrence is differing. This enthesopathy is typical for golf players, baseball players or javelin thrower's and other athletes who throw something. Pain manifests especially by bending the fingers and wrist, as well as rotating the wrist inwardly and down. The pain can be also invoked also by just touching the affected area of the elbow.

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Exercising - activation of the outer rotator cuffs thanks to the thera-band
Exercising with dumbbell - sitting position, forearms are freely resting on a firm mat alongside the body - hold the dumbbell by one end, and slowly rotate your palm upwards so that the dumbbell would get into a horizontal position, then rotate your forearm, so that the dumbbell would get again into a horizontal position, but now with the palm directing downwards.
Exercising with flex-bar - hold the flex bar with the affected arm on one end, and the other end would point vertically upwards, grab the flex-bar with your healthy arm by the other end so that your forearm would be in a prone position, now rotate your forearms and hold both end of the flex-bar firmly. You should not let the flex-bar twist in your hands, you have to hold the ends tightly - this motion is similar to riding a motorcycle.
Návody 1 - obrázek
This exercise helps to strengthen the flexors of the fingers and wrists. It is ideal as prevention against pain in the inner side of the elbow and generally against muscle overload which bend your wrists and fingers.
Návody 2 - obrázek
You will strengthen the extensors of your hand and forearm in the wrist area. This exercise serves as prevention against pain in the inner side of the elbow and generally against muscles overload which extend your fingers and wrists.
Návody 3 - obrázek
This exercise, originating from evolving positions is effective for strengthening the center of the body, shoulder blades and arms.
Návody 4 - obrázek
This exercise is suitable for stretching the extensors in the wrist and fingers. If you will exercise daily, you will prevent overloading in these muscles, and pain on the outer side of the elbow.
Návody 5 - obrázek
This exercise is suitable for stretching the flexors of the wrist and fingers. If you will exercise regularly, you will prevent any overloading of these muscles, and pain on the inner side of the elbow.
Návody 6 - obrázek
This exercise will help you to stretch the “three headed muscle of the arm” (m. triceps brachii), which will help you to release the shoulder and elbow joint.