First aid: Pain in the knee joint

Do you feel pain when walking, running or even when resting? Pain in the knee is the most common result of injury or overload in sports. We present you here several exercise tutorials, which could help you to achieve relief from pain.

Exercises against pain in the knees

Do you feel stiffness or pain in the knee joint, and it takes you a while to move around? Do you feel pain in your knees when walking or jumping? Do you feel pain when resting, after you ran? Do you feel pain during the physical activity? We would like to offer you several exercises for stretching, strengthening and stabilizing in the area of the knee joint. The basis of successful treatment of pain and knee injury is professional diagnosis performed by orthopedist, rehabilitation physician or physiotherapist.

Exercises against pain in the knee with exercising tool

Are you troubled by pain in your knee? Here you will find exercise tutorials with exercising tool such as balance pad BOSU or suspension trainers.