First aid: Pain in the neck

Can't turn your head in the morning when you wake up? Did you spend a lot of time traveling, or you have a sedentary profession and you often feel pain behind your neck? We present you several exercise tutorials which might help you from acute pain.

Exercises against pain in the neck

Do you work the whole day in front of a computer, do you feel pain in the neck and you have stiff neck muscles? We have a solution for you, how you can relieve and stretch out the stiff muscles. You just need few minutes and few simple exercises. Try out the following exercise tutorials, which might effectively help you to stabilize and relax your neck.

Exercises for relieving pain in the neck with needed assistance of a second person

We present you here more exercise tutorials concerning the blocked servical spine or stiff neck muscles. These exercises require assistance of a second person.

Exercises against pain in the neck with exercising tool

Exercise tutorials with Gym ball for relieving blocked cervical spine and stiff neck muscles.